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16 January 2014

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This is a recovery tool for Adobe Illustrator files, files that hold complex vector graphics work.

Adobe Illustrator is one of the most popular vector graphics editors. It allows you to create complex compositions with vector graphics. When disasters do strike, it may mean the loss of work of several days, even weeks. Redoing such work can become a major hassle. Illustrator Recovery Toolbox is an easy-to-use tool that allows you to recover corrupted Adobe Illustrator files. the interface is designed to be a wizard to take you through comparatively a few simple steps and get the data recovered automatically. Once the initiation is complete, the program starts analyzing and recovering data. It can take several minutes depending on the complexity of the data files and the power of the computer you are using. You specify the output file path and start the process. A set of logs will capture what`s happening during the recovery and these could be viewed later. Data in all layers are recovered.

The developer offer to recover data for those rare cases when the program may fail to recover your work. Progress bars display what is happening with the elements being recovered and lets you know the elapsed time used up in the recovery process. The file into which the recovered data is saved is not in the PDF format, it may not also be compressed. Thus as a last step of the recovery process, you will need to use the Adobe illustrator to change the file to PDF or to get it compressed. All such recovery programs should always be checked out with actual inputs used in your organization work flow. You can only decide if the tool would be useful after some of your kind of design has been successfully recovered by the program.

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Evaluate the ease of Illustrator Recovery Toolbox and take a closer look at the Adobe Illustrator recovery program if you encounter known or unknown issues with AI files. This approach allows recovering the data without backing up AI files. Please keep in mind that data recovery services are unable to provide some kind of warranties with regard to the recovery of corrupted documents so you may combine both approaches. For example, the data can be restored using appropriate backups, if any. As for the latest modifications to affected illustrations, you may apply Illustrator Recovery Toolbox. However, the presence of backup copies is not really needed in the most cases so you may use this application and make sure Illustrator Recovery Toolbox provides the highest efficiency of AI repair. Get it on your PC if you are interested and install Illustrator Recovery Toolbox to start evaluating this service. Our users do not encounter difficulties during the process of AI restore so you may simply follow its guidelines and save your precious time for additional explanations about how it works. Click the shortcut of Illustrator Recovery Toolbox to start and open an illustration of AI supported format by clicking the open file button, the location of input image is not important so you may select corrupted images on any disk in the network, other computers, network discs and servers, any location. After this you may use the Next softkey and get some rest until Illustrator Recovery Toolbox repairs the document that was selected previously. Please be patient and wait until the analysis is successfully completed, this process may take more than several minutes according to the hardware configuration in use. If this process is accidentally stalled and the status bar of Illustrator Recovery Toolbox is stopped for any reason, you should restart the process or reboot the workstation in question. In the end you may evaluate the efficiency of Illustrator Recovery Toolbox.
Illustrator Recovery Toolbox
Illustrator Recovery Toolbox
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